Neverspeak Weekly 3/21/17

Spring Fling Double Edition!

Suprise! At the behest of one Wendy Darling, Neverlandians gathered in the Pan Cave last Friday to celebrate the birthday of one Peter Pan. Green was the color of the day, not only because of it coincided with St. Patty’s day, not only because it’s the birthday boy’s favorite color, but because the impromptu host got a little green around the gills. Somehow strawberries ended up in the bright green birthday cake which would never be a bad thing except for a pesky little life-threatening allergy. Luckily with some quick thinking (and an epi-pen), Peter was able to keep celebrating to the sounds of Fish Girl Pond and turn his attention to the dessert pizza provided by Pizza Hollow. A slight addendum: my sources admitted their recollection of events might be a little fuzzy given the copious amounts of Pan Punch imbibed during the night.

A Fairy Special Night. For anyone who could see past the tears in their eyes on Tuesday, the reunion of Freddie Wentworth with his wife Jo and daughter Lilly-Jane was a sight to behold. After spending the last few weeks abroad reporting on the refugee crisis in Mosul, Freddie is safely back with his family. Maybe with the aide of LJ’s new mousy tutor Professor Benjy (I’m not being mean – he’s a mouse), Mom and Dad can find some moments for a real reunion. While one group of fairies had a reunion, another had a revelation. If you caught sight of a hovering Aria Griffiths on Tuesday night, you may have assumed she’d had a run in with Tink. Actually, Aria is a fairy in her own right. Amber Poppins and Amy Jolie revealed that they had hidden her in the human world after the tragic deaths of her parents. But, the magic officially wore off on her 19th birthday. Oh to be young and magical…

Like Daffodils…love is popping up everywhere! As always, our Neverland dances are the best place to spot the newest couples. Anna Berry and Gemma Willoe swayed under the twinkle lights looking as cute as they do whenever they’re seen around town. It was Charlie Hunter’s arms around her that caused Aria to sprout wings and fly off the ground. Recovered birthday boy Peter Pan showed up to the dance with a new lady on his arm. Whatever Jane Mannering was whispering to him on the dance floor seemed as sweet as the candies she sells. Sometimes, a partner will bow out but Lola Williams had quite a shock when Newt Scamander apparated right out of her arms. But, sources say, she ended up with a very handsome bottle of wine. Alls well that ends well!

Peace of Cake. There may have been some drama this week, but Bri Valdivia’s bridal shower was not part of it. The event was a lovely celebration of a Neverland couple we all know and love. The bride’s bestie Mia Traynor acted as a master of ceremonies while the guests including Teresa Delacruz, Amber Poppins, and myself sipped champagne and ate way too much cake. Watching how happy everyone was, I will admit I felt a little bit of remorse. It is my job as a gossip columnist to report what people are gossiping on. A few weeks ago, I did that and up until now I have felt justified in doing so. But, I never want a silly piece of gossip to come between two people who really love each other. So, Mr. Parsons and Ms. Carpenter, I apologize for any adverse effect my March 7th column may have had on your relationship. May love always conquer all!

St. Patrick’s Day
dessert pizza
Buffy turns 20

Best Tweet Ever
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