The Greatest Adventure

Dear Wendy,

What’s your biggest inspiration when you write? Also, dream vacation?


Hi Shannon,

I couldn’t resist answering this question right now. In case you missed the embarrassing and adorable editorial he published last week, Jas proposed to me.  I have never felt more inspired and more dreamy! There is something about someone putting it all on you that can do that to a person.

My biggest inspiration, Shannon, are my family, friends and you! I have always a relished my role as a big sister.  When I was younger, looking after John and Michael was a full-time job.  As we got older, and they didn’t need me quite as much, I found I could give some of that energy to my friends.  It’s funny – the more love you give, the more you have.  It’s a completely renewable resource! Once I was out of school, I started giving advice to people I didn’t even know, through my blog, making videos, and writing books.  I continue to write because I love to connect with people and offer them my love and support.

As for dream vacations? Well, they’ve been on my mind lately.  Someone may have told me he wants to make up for his hometown proposal (which was perfect!) with a honeymoon anywhere I want to go. If you’ve followed my vlog for a while, you’ll know I have always dreamed of going to Europe. Nothing can beat that mix of history, culture or gorgeousness. But since meeting Jas, my dreams have expanded even further. I would love to go to India and ride an elephant. I’d like visit a dojo in Japan. Maybe I’ll even check out the penguins at the South Pole. I will always be up for having adventures!

I want to go so many places. But, in the end, I will always want to come back here to Neverland because my most important relationships are here. They are what originally inspired me and they continue to do so every day. Sometimes the greatest adventure is to spend every day, the big ones and the small ones, with the people you love.

Always yours,

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Posted on March 30, 2017

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