ASK WENDY – Excerpt 8

We’ve talked about a lot of things. Success, love, hardship, family, happiness, we’ve covered so much! But there’s one thing that I feel is essential to navigating the ups and downs of all of those: Integrity. Now my dear readers, my Wendigos, we know that getting to know yourself is key. But that self knowledge can give you something more valuable than a path to happiness. It gives you the tools you need to develop your integrity. Personally, I have used my love for my family and my passion for advice to shape mine. I know that I will never stand by and let harm come to those I love. I will speak my mind and offer up the best, most honest counsel I can to anyone looking for help. From years (but not too many years, mind you) of challenging myself to stay consistent with those truths, they have become the core of my integrity. And when I find myself lost at sea, surrounded by fog and uncertainty, that integrity becomes the light that puts me back on track.

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Posted on August 23, 2015

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