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Romantic Tendencies

A hint of lace, a field of flowers and a cinched-in waist, I just want to be twirled around in someone’s arms when I put on ModCloth’s The Way It Grows Dress in Azure. Okay, I kinda want that all the time, but ESPECIALLY in something this Darling (pun intended). I tossed on my cream cardi to complete the look, because…me.

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Posted on June 23, 2014

Take Me Preciously Outfit

I absolutely love the extra swing in my step I get just from putting on ModCloth’s Adorable Artist Dress in Plaid by Effie’s Heart. It drapes and twirls so perfectly and with the right accessories can transition from work to a night on the town. Here I paired it with a lilac cardi for a little color. Here’s hoping I get to wear it to a new job soon!

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Posted on June 16, 2014

All About Lily

Since I routinely use this space to spotlight some of our more noteworthy Neverland natives, I thought it was about time we dedicated a piece to one of our most renowned residents, Lily Bagha. Though the Bagha name is known the world over, many people don’t know the story of how this Neverland dynasty was forged.


The Bagha family came to Neverland in the 1920s from West Bengal, India. Lily’s enterprising great grandparents, Sarovar and Priya Bagha, opened a small clothing shop simply called BAGHA, which specialized in garments made of silk. Little did they know that one day, the BAGHA clothing line would become one of the most fashion-forward and sought-after brands in the world, giving Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Gucci a run for their money.

But when Lily Bagha took over as CEO from her mother, Lina Bagha, at the young age of 22, the local phenom had even grander plans. Not content to simply corner the high fashion market, Lily expanded the Bagha brand into the tech market, specializing in tech as far-ranging as phones, computers and even medical technologies. And Lily’s brother, Luke, has even opened a few Bagha restaurants.


Lily Bagha, wearing ModCloth’s Brushstroke of Luck jumpsuit.

When not in the boardroom, Lily can be found in the hottest clubs, restaurants, and venues around the world, usually accompanied by her celebrity friends from the fashion, sports, and entertainment industries. Though Lily is quite the jet setter, she has a special place in her heart for Neverland, where she was born and raised.

Known as a ruthless but brilliant businesswoman, many don’t know about Lily’s philanthropic side. Lily donates millions of dollars per year to children’s hospitals, programs to end global hunger, as well as women’s shelters. She also gives out 20 fully paid college scholarships to young girls in lower income areas who have top academic scores.

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Posted on June 3, 2014

Sweet Tooth Frock

I love this combo of ModCloth’s Cake Decorating Class Dress with its pleats, piping and darling Peter Pan collar (wink) and ModCloth’s Charter School Cardigan in Froyo. It adds a delicious pop of color. I usually toss on my floral keds with it, so I feel like I’m always walking through a meadow (on my way to dessert apparently!). It captures such a whimsically retro fun vibe.

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Posted on May 13, 2014