Dear Darling – Mommy Issues

Dear Darling,
My mother and I used to get along just fine but lately I’ve been feeling irritated about EVERYTHING she does. I think she’s actually trying to make me feel stupid. Should I talk to her about this or try to ignore it? HELP!

Never fear, for Michael is here! Sometimes family can be the most magical, functional thing in your life. And other times? It can make you wanna scream until that little dangly thing in the back of your throat comes flying out of your mouth like a broken punching bag! But at the end of the day, they’re still your family. Friends come and go, girlfriends move to Canada, but family…that’s it man!

I say talk to your mom, and be honest! It’ll help her understand why you’ve been short tempered. Hormones are crazy, friggin’ mind demons my friend. And if there’s one thing that pamphlet from my hot school nurse taught me, it’s that they don’t stop raging after your teens. Give your mom a fighting chance to know what’s going on, and to not to take everything you say personally.

Plus, there’s a chance your mom is acting a little crazy. Maybe she’s having a hard time with work, maybe other parts of the family are stressing her out, MAYBE, just maybe she’s an undercover assassin for the Intergalactic Space Squad and her alien target just escaped to Russia! Just talk to her. Parents often try to hide their problems from their kids to protect them, but if you really want your relationship to get closer to where it was before, it’s got to start with some honesty.

I recently went through something similar with a family member and trust me; acting like nothing has changed only makes things worse! If she had just….they, if they had just talked to me, things would have been a lot easier.

Well that’s my 75 cents for the day! Get some good snacks (I have several recommendations if needed) and hunker down for a good talk with mom.

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Posted on July 21, 2015

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