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Midsummer Ball Special Edition – Scroll down for the Ball’s Fashion Photo Spread!

A Lovely Night. Neverlandians gathered on Thursday night for the 2nd Annual Midsummer Ball. The night was a smashing success. Though some townsfolk worried that this sophomore outing wouldn’t measure up to last year’s festivities, they were soon mollified and amazed by this year’s ball-to-the-wall bash. With the help of Lily Bagha’s generosity and the Party Planning Committee’s dedication, Neverlandians enjoyed more music and more spectacle than ever before.  Check out the photospread below for the ball’s fierce fashion!

Party Plural. The main event of the week may have been the ball, but Neverlandians didn’t stop there. This week was jammed with social events. Before the ball, the Fatestalkers threw a singles mixer. The day after the party, a group of Neverland ladies was spotted (and overheard) at the new karaoke bar in town belting out such girl anthems as Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”, Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much”, and that old Spice Girls favorite “Wannabe.”  And of course, Neverlandians spent the weekend celebrating Independence Day with flag pies, fireworks and red, white, and blue everything!

Wenderful News! For those who haven’t heard, Neverland’s own Wendy Darling has returned home to Neverland to launch her book tour! This is great news for Neverland – in fact, rumor has it the Neverland Chamber of Commerce is creating a new tourism campaign to take advantage of all the visiting fans. Friends and fans alike can catch up with Wendy at an informal welcome home celebration later this week. Keep your ears open for the date and time!

Love Bugs. No bugs had to be planted by this gossip columnist to pick out the couples in the room on Thursday night. Everyone wants their Cinderella moment at a ball, and, happily, a large amount of Neverlandians got just that! Juliet and Wesley were seen sharing bites of ice cream, a charming cowboy made a last minute appearance to dance with a book shop belle, and Bri was seen dancing with Agent Tacos back early from his assignment. And in the most romantic moment of the night, Sarah-Jane Lakewood received a proposal from her boyfriend Alfie.

Sweet Treats.  The ball was also an opportunity for local entrepreneurs and artists to share their creations with the community. Fish Girl Pond wowed audiences with a set that included new and old favorites. Their new song “Island Dangers” offered a driving beat and a catchy chorus while the haunting “On the Inside” pulled at the heartstrings. Jolly Roger Soda Ship pulled out all the stops with an endless buffet, an ice cream bar, and the prettiest pastries and desserts imaginable. And I may have absconded with several of Rowan’s Skull Rock Sea Salt Cheesecake Truffles in my purse. Shhh.


Meg Cabot
Harper Lee
Pride and Protocol


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