ASK WENDY – Goals – Excerpt 2

Setting goals is the first step to achieving them. I know, I know that sounds utterly obvious, but let me assure you Wendigos – it is harder than it sounds! We all have dreams, and so long as they’re locked safely inside the beautiful dream box in our mind, they’re safe and unattainable. The moment you actually sit down and map out what you want, you have stepped onto the treacherous, rewarding, exhausting path to Goal Achievement.

But before we get into the ups and downs of our achieving our goals, we have to set them. To keep things simple, I like to think of three types of Goals: Short Term, Long Term, and Lifetime. Each type of goal builds and supports the other. Say you grew up wanting to be a ballerina, this is your dream, or in other words, your LIFETIME GOAL. In order to meet that goal you need to get into a great Fine Arts School, this is your LONG TERM GOAL. In order to get into a great school for dance, you need to join a class and start training; here we have your SHORT TERM GOAL.

Lifetime Goals can often seem impossible, or at least improbable.  But by breaking it down all the way to Short Term Goals, you see that getting started is much easier than you think.  Now grab your tutu and chasse’ your way to achieving your dreams!

And remember, if you’re only taking ballet lessons so you’re mother can flirt with Phillipe, the french instructor, you might be living out someone else’s dream.

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Posted on July 14, 2015

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