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Shuffling Paper Dear Darling - Lies 100 Ways to Stay Alive on the Web! Neverspeak Weekly 8/25/2015 Bagha Industries Going Public Dear Darling - Being Yourself Neverspeak Weekly 8/18/15

Shuffling Paper

August 31, 2015 by George Darling

Pop culture has done a lot to romanticize the notion of a captain going down with his ship.  Now, that might be an honorable decision once you’ve gotten everybody to the lifeboats.  But if your crew’s still onboard, it’s the captain’s duty to keep th…

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Dear Darling - Lies

August 27, 2015 by Michael Darling

Dear Darling,
I have a friend who may be a compulsive liar. She tells me things that I know aren’t true and I’m getting tired of it. But she is also very sensitive and I know if I confront her about it, she’ll react very negatively.
What is the best way to approach her without hurting her too badly?
-Concerned Friend

I think there’s a couple of things you need to ask yourself. Are you a concerned friend, or are you a tired, frustrated friend who wants to catch her in a lie so you can pull an “in your face” moment and the cafeteria will erupt in applause and everyone will give you their chicken nuggets??? Sorry, I just woke up from the weirdest dream… But I think it’s a fair thing to think about. If someone is lying to you, they’re not being a good friend. And if you’re unwilling to clear the air because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, you’re not being a good friend. I mean sure, we could go into great detail about setting up a hidden camera and an elaborate scheme of catching her in a lie, but what would be the point – as awesome as that sounds, it would be hurtful. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to say “I don’t believe you” then there’s more wrong with this friendship than a slew of untruths (that’s a fancy way to say lie – I got a synonym app!)


If you really want keep this friendship going, and you simply can’t stand listening to them talk about their 2nd trip to Mars, then you need to confront them. Privately. Someone who is unhappy enough to live in a fake reality doesn’t need any public ridicule. Be open, be patient, be sympathetic and try to find out why they lie. Yeah, it’s gonna be awkward…VERY awkward. But if sitting through a couple of really uncomfortable conversations seems like too much, then maybe this friendship isn’t meant to last. But if you can swallow that fear and show them that you care about them, the real them, you might just end up with a lifelong camaraderie (synonym: friendship).

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100 Ways to Stay Alive on the Web!

August 27, 2015 by Michael Darling

Ahoy-hoy, Darlingites! This edition of John’s Editorials is brought to you by the irreversible Michael Darling, and the letter “O.”  As in, “OMG, I can’t believe I’ve been hosting ‘Dear Darling’ for 100 episodes!”  I know John usually writes these, b…

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Neverspeak Weekly 8/25/2015

August 25, 2015 by Morgan Skylights

New Paper. If you haven’t already heard, JHMedia has bought the Kensington Chronicle. It’s definitely a little weird around here, but we are optimistic that the new merger will allow the Chronicle to keep both its integrity and its place in the heart…

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Bagha Industries Going Public

August 20, 2015 by John Darling

Dear readers, it has come to my attention that Bagha Industries, helmed by Neverland’s own Lily Bagha, is about to have its initial public offering.  (For those unfamiliar with Ms. Baga, you can learn more about her and her company in an editorial fr…

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Dear Darling - Being Yourself

August 19, 2015 by Michael Darling

How are you so free? You are always yourself, no matter what anyone thinks of you. Every time I try to be myself, people tell me exactly who I should be and what I should do with my life. It feels like I’m twenty different people trying to please fifty. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even know who I am anymore. It’s been the cause of my depression for almost two years and I don’t know what to do. I just want to make everyone else happy.
Anytime people try to tell me to be less me, AKA less AWESOME, I just watch their mouths move and replace all the words with “Wah wah wu-wah wu-wah” and nod until they walk away.


Haters gonna hate man! As long as the you YOU are isn’t unkind or destructive or harmful to anyone else – DO YOU! You’ve exhausted yourself trying to make other people happy; it’s time to get rid of 19 of those 20 people pleasers and pick the person you wanna be. It’s not gonna happen overnight either. Finding the happiest you can take time. Imagine if Goku stopped at Sayan and never went Super Sayan?

Just do me a favor, put yourself first sometimes. We shouldn’t put ourselves first all the time – that’s a one-way ticket to I’m a Jerk Town. But if you always put yourself last and try to be someone just to make others happy, you’ll be the number one resident of Bummed Outville. So take a deep breath and start tuning out anyone that says who you are isn’t enough.

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Neverspeak Weekly 8/18/15

August 18, 2015 by Morgan Skylights

The Love Edition

We all know that Neverland is a magical place, and not just because of fairy dust and the Forever Gardens. Quite simply, Neverland brings lost souls together. One wouldn’t expect a small, relatively quiet town like Neverland to at…

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