Why Taking Chances is the Key to Happiness
Neverspeak Weekly 4/18/17
Neverspeak Weekly 4/11/17
Hook is Back
Love Yourself First
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About The Kensington Chronicle

The KENSINGTON CHRONICLE is Neverland Ohio’s oldest, and only, newspaper.  Founded in the 1860’s by Kensington Darling, the Chronicle is as old as Neverland itself, and has told its story…your story…from day one.  The Chronicle is a paper run by and for the family…but the family isn’t just people with the last name Darling…but any and all who call Neverland their home.

The Chronicle aims to do more than just deliver facts and figures, though have no fear we’ve got you covered on those, we also want to tell stories, YOUR stories…for you and your lives are what make Neverland such a magical place to live.

Stories are the heart of Neverland, and those stories all come from you…from your heart…something we promise never to break.  Welcome to the Kensington Chronicle. Welcome Home.