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Cash Doggie

Points: 1030

Ruff Ruff! Bark! Grrrrrowl!

John Darling

Points: 970

Staff writer at the Kensington Chronicle. Brolliologist. Ornithologist. Grabatologist.

Peter Pan

Points: 930

Trying to set sail.  Comic artist and graphic designer for JH Media. Neverlandian for life!  Hit me up!

John Smee

Points: 810

Assistant editor-in-chief at the Kensington Chronicle. I’m a hobby sommelier, an animal Lover and a 3 Stooges fanatic… Curly is my favorite!

Jane “Darling” Mannering

Points: 630

Real geek girl. Cashier at Skull Rock Sweets.  Looking for the Han Solo to my Leia.

Rose Whibbles

Points: 620

Hi I’m Rose. By any other name I would be just as sassy.

Jamie Barrie

Points: 500

I’m the latest in a long line of Barries in Neverland.

Danielle Mills

Points: 500

Loves Jane Austen, Broadway musicals, animals, and laughing with friends!

Newton “Newt” Artemis Fido Scamander

Points: 480

Oh um….hello….am I doing this right? I’m still learning the uh…internet. I’ve got twitter down somewhat, so er….on to the next thing I guess. My Landlady, Lola….oh…alliteration. Anyways, she suggested I sign into this OpenWindow service. I suppose this is the way you American’s like to meet new people? I myself am not I suppose the….er the most people oriented person. Most find me…er and my creatures annoying. I’m a Magizoologist. I uhm….I’m british….I guess you can say I’m old? Well my Niffler accidentally got his hands on a time turner and sent us almost 100 years into the future.


Points: 460

Gemma Willoe

Points: 430

Hello! I’m a freelance writer, and currently working at Neverland Books. Also I’m a total video game geek. I love musicals and kittens. Nice to meet you!


Points: 400


Aria Griffiths

Points: 370

Neverland Born & Raised.
Everyone’s Little Sister.
Neverland High Class of 2016
Ohio University Class of 2016.
Two Time Columbus Invitational Youth 10 Dance Champion.

Shelby Loren Scott

Points: 370

Just moved to Neverland. Loves music, books,Doctor Who, Sherlock, video games and pizza.


Points: 350

A very handsome man of Italian descent.

Cob-eye McSwaggers

Points: 350

Likes long walks off the plank.

Anna Berry

Points: 350

Neverland High Class of ’15
Currently studying Fairy History and Culture at Neverland Community College
Big fan of fairies


Points: 340

I love watching movies, drinking tea, and I’m always looking for adventure!

Sarah Lightly

Points: 330

Former webmaster at the Kensington Chronicle. Working on a dissertation on Fairy Culture. Call my Sly.


Points: 310


Vicky Angel

Points: 310

Hello Neverland!

Chastine Turly

Points: 300

Hi I’m Chastine Turly!

Codamae Elizabeth

Points: 280

Hello! Neverlandian since birth. Head baker and owner at Secondstar bakery. Advid reader, loves nature. Id love to get to know you. Just let me know

Jaren David Rhodes

Points: 230

Lives in Neverland, Ohio. Owns Dance Studio(NVRLND) Loves Harry Potter(Hufflepuff). Whovian. Etc

SJ Robinson

Points: 230

Avid reader/adventurer.
Soon to be a graduate of Neverland High! I’m an advocate for fairy’s rights!

Shadie DeNada

Points: 220

Swashbuckler by day AND night.  Looking for adventure?  Come find me by the docks.

Cap’n Kathryn Skullcrack

Points: 200

booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere

Christina Vourcos

Points: 200

I want to set sail and go on adventures. I also like to chill and read or watch cool stuff for fun.

Lilly Benit

Points: 190

Hide and Seek champion! Baker and candlestick maker. Avid reader and daydreamer. I came to Neverland 3 years ago to start a new adventure.

Elliot James

Points: 190

Hi! I’m new to Neverland, Ohio. I’m a painter, I used to play violin, and I love most typically nerdy things. Call me Ely.


Points: 180

I am Mycroft, 34 years old. Gentleman. Smart. Not too bad looking.
Interest: working for the government, knowing all the secrets, umbrellas and hats, good suits

Lorelai “Lola” Rose Williams

Points: 160

I think this open window thing is a pretty nifty idea so i thought I’d give it a shot. I love love and meeting new people! I’m trick horseback rider (the kind that perform at rodeos) and I LOVE to cook and bake and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but you haven’t eaten till you’ve tried my food.

Jaren David Rhodes

Points: 140

Fun and outgoing

Mandy Darling

Points: 90

Did someone say adventure? Loves books, musical theatre, and traveling.

Halie (pronounced “HAIL – E” 😉

Points: 70

A 20 something dorky mess, seeking a cute goofy dork who loves watching movies indefinitely, gets as excited as I do about thunderstorms, and loves listen to quality rock, alternative, and indie music with me. Candidate must be compatible with my astrological sign, Aquarius, AND my Hogwarts house – Hufflepuff. 🙂

Caroline Tran

Points: 50

Legal drug dealer in training.

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Most Eligible Neverlandians

Cash Doggie

Open Window: 103
Close Window: 35

John Darling

Open Window: 97
Close Window: 16

Peter Pan

Open Window: 93
Close Window: 15

John Smee

Open Window: 81
Close Window: 22

Jane “Darling” Mannering

Open Window: 63
Close Window: 15

Rose Whibbles

Open Window: 62
Close Window: 22

Danielle Mills

Open Window: 50
Close Window: 9

Jamie Barrie

Open Window: 50
Close Window: 23

Newton “Newt” Artemis Fido Scamander

Open Window: 48
Close Window: 9


Open Window: 46
Close Window: 29