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Cash Doggie

Points: 1010

Ruff Ruff! Bark! Grrrrrowl!

John Darling

Points: 960

Staff writer at the Kensington Chronicle. Brolliologist. Ornithologist. Grabatologist.

Peter Pan

Points: 920

Trying to set sail.  Comic artist and graphic designer for JH Media. Neverlandian for life!  Hit me up!

John Smee

Points: 770

Assistant editor-in-chief at the Kensington Chronicle. I’m a hobby sommelier, an animal Lover and a 3 Stooges fanatic… Curly is my favorite!

Jane “Darling” Mannering

Points: 620

Real geek girl. Cashier at Skull Rock Sweets.  Looking for the Han Solo to my Leia.

Rose Whibbles

Points: 590

Hi I’m Rose. By any other name I would be just as sassy.

Danielle Mills

Points: 480

Loves Jane Austen, Broadway musicals, animals, and laughing with friends!

Newton “Newt” Artemis Fido Scamander

Points: 460

Oh um….hello….am I doing this right? I’m still learning the uh…internet. I’ve got twitter down somewhat, so er….on to the next thing I guess. My Landlady, Lola….oh…alliteration. Anyways, she suggested I sign into this OpenWindow service. I suppose this is the way you American’s like to meet new people? I myself am not I suppose the….er the most people oriented person. Most find me…er and my creatures annoying. I’m a Magizoologist. I uhm….I’m british….I guess you can say I’m old? Well my Niffler accidentally got his hands on a time turner and sent us almost 100 years into the future.

Jamie Barrie

Points: 450

I’m the latest in a long line of Barries in Neverland.


Points: 420

Gemma Willoe

Points: 400

Hello! I’m a freelance writer, and currently working at Neverland Books. Also I’m a total video game geek. I love musicals and kittens. Nice to meet you!


Points: 400


Shelby Loren Scott

Points: 350

Just moved to Neverland. Loves music, books,Doctor Who, Sherlock, video games and pizza.

Cob-eye McSwaggers

Points: 340

Likes long walks off the plank.


Points: 330

I love watching movies, drinking tea, and I’m always looking for adventure!

Aria Griffiths

Points: 330

Neverland Born & Raised.
Everyone’s Little Sister.
Neverland High Class of 2016
Ohio University Class of 2016.
Two Time Columbus Invitational Youth 10 Dance Champion.


Points: 320

A very handsome man of Italian descent.

Sarah Lightly

Points: 320

Former webmaster at the Kensington Chronicle. Working on a dissertation on Fairy Culture. Call my Sly.

Vicky Angel

Points: 310

Hello Neverland!

Anna Berry

Points: 310

Neverland High Class of ’15
Currently studying Fairy History and Culture at Neverland Community College
Big fan of fairies


Points: 300


Chastine Turly

Points: 280

Hi I’m Chastine Turly!

Codamae Elizabeth

Points: 240

Hello! Neverlandian since birth. Head baker and owner at Secondstar bakery. Advid reader, loves nature. Id love to get to know you. Just let me know

SJ Robinson

Points: 230

Avid reader/adventurer.
Soon to be a graduate of Neverland High! I’m an advocate for fairy’s rights!

Shadie DeNada

Points: 220

Swashbuckler by day AND night.  Looking for adventure?  Come find me by the docks.

Jaren David Rhodes

Points: 220

Lives in Neverland, Ohio. Owns Dance Studio(NVRLND) Loves Harry Potter(Hufflepuff). Whovian. Etc

Cap’n Kathryn Skullcrack

Points: 200

booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere


Points: 180

I am Mycroft, 34 years old. Gentleman. Smart. Not too bad looking.
Interest: working for the government, knowing all the secrets, umbrellas and hats, good suits

Christina Vourcos

Points: 170

I want to set sail and go on adventures. I also like to chill and read or watch cool stuff for fun.

Elliot James

Points: 170

Hi! I’m new to Neverland, Ohio. I’m a painter, I used to play violin, and I love most typically nerdy things. Call me Ely.

Lilly Benit

Points: 160

Hide and Seek champion! Baker and candlestick maker. Avid reader and daydreamer. I came to Neverland 3 years ago to start a new adventure.

Lorelai “Lola” Rose Williams

Points: 130

I think this open window thing is a pretty nifty idea so i thought I’d give it a shot. I love love and meeting new people! I’m trick horseback rider (the kind that perform at rodeos) and I LOVE to cook and bake and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but you haven’t eaten till you’ve tried my food.

Jaren David Rhodes

Points: 120

Fun and outgoing

Mandy Darling

Points: 80

Did someone say adventure? Loves books, musical theatre, and traveling.

Caroline Tran

Points: 50

Legal drug dealer in training.

Halie (pronounced “HAIL – E” 😉

Points: 40

A 20 something dorky mess, seeking a cute goofy dork who loves watching movies indefinitely, gets as excited as I do about thunderstorms, and loves listen to quality rock, alternative, and indie music with me. Candidate must be compatible with my astrological sign, Aquarius, AND my Hogwarts house – Hufflepuff. 🙂

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Most Eligible Neverlandians

Cash Doggie

Open Window: 101
Close Window: 35

John Darling

Open Window: 96
Close Window: 14

Peter Pan

Open Window: 92
Close Window: 15

John Smee

Open Window: 77
Close Window: 20

Jane “Darling” Mannering

Open Window: 62
Close Window: 15

Rose Whibbles

Open Window: 59
Close Window: 20

Danielle Mills

Open Window: 48
Close Window: 9

Newton “Newt” Artemis Fido Scamander

Open Window: 46
Close Window: 8

Jamie Barrie

Open Window: 45
Close Window: 22


Open Window: 42
Close Window: 27